Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jimmy Eat World!!

Jimmy Eat World has been a favorite band of mine ever since Bleed American came out. When I found out Kelly liked them just as much as I do, I knew it was meant to be. They have come to Utah a couple of times and we finally went to a concert of theirs on April 14. It was down at the McKay Events Center at UVU. We went with some friends, Chase and Amanda.
The first band was Dear and the Headlights, never heard of them before. They were ok I guess. Then Paramore played second. They were pretty good live. None of us really knew any of their songs except for their most popular ones: crushcrushcrush, misery business. We felt like the oldest ones there. A bunch of teenagers were rocking it out in front of us. I'm pretty sure one of the kids was gay. And I quote from him, "I don't even know who Jimmy Eat World is." How can you not know. But Paramore was pretty good and might be worth checking out.
Jimmy played last. They opened with Big Casino. They played a lot from Bleed American, Futures, Clarity and Static Prevails. It was awesome. Despite half the crowd leaving after Paramore, it was just cool to be there. I wanted to rock out and be 16 again, but you can't be the only one in your group dancing around. But I still loved the experience. Kelly said he enjoyed himself as well. I decided I wouldn't be too sad if I never went to a concert like that again. I hated being at least 5 years older than everyone else. oh well, "rock on young savior, don't give up your hopes!!"- Jimmy Eat World, Big Casino.

OMG we are totally at a concert without our parents.

We love Jimmy!!

Rocking out the free cd, that we lost somewhere.

What's that face Chase, not sure if that is the
correct rock on signage?

"..the sweetness will not be concerned with me!"

"Crimson and clover, over and over."

This is Paramore, fyi.