Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fun Times

Kelly and I have been going out and practicing with my new camera. I had to share these gems cause why hide my talent under a bushel? Besides if you are bored at work this will entertain you. If you haven't been to Gardner Village this year, go! They have all these different witches up. It was so fun. I was on witch overload. Plus that place is just cool. I can't wait to see it in winter. We found this cool truck there as well. Loved it! I hope they keep it around so I don't have to drive to Morgan for a truck pose.
And included my freeway shots and temple shots.

A blue cat. Not a witch I know, but it's still cool

This one actually pedals           

Lovely Ladies  

A big witch bum

Why wouldn't you put a jack-o-lantern in a tree?

The cool truck

The sky last night

Me and my favorite pup

A cool night shot

What a great place

Monday, October 12, 2009

This blog schmog

Sometimes I really don't know what to post on this thing. Kelly got into the facebook scene, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I figure if we haven't talked in ten years, then why bother. There must be a reason for it.
Anywho, what have we been up to. Well there was the Cook Family pictures in Idaho. Which was a first for me doing a big group. I can't say I am 100% satisfied with the outcome, but I guess there is a first for everything. Not to mention I just got my new camera and didn't really know the ins and outs persay. I will post those on my photog blog. PS it snowed the morning we left. Lame
Then there was the ultimate girls night. So Amanda had this wonderful idea of going to a haunted house. Well we ended up going to two that night. I must say it was pretty fun. I often wonder what I would be like drunk, but I don't need to wonder now because I downed a Rockstar(which I hardly ever drink caffeine) and was on a sugar/caffeine buzz the rest of the night. We made some friends at the Haunted Mansion. One was a skeleton and another was a weird kid with chains thinking he was all scary. Well he wasn't until I told him Amanda and Lindy's name. The best was watching him chase those two around the care while I sat by and just laughed. The night was still young, so we partied on down to Nightmare on 13th. That haunted house was pretty good. Some points scared me pretty good, but the best part was making a clown scare Amanda and watching her fall on the floor. Yes!! All in all a good night, till I came home and couldn't fall asleep till 6 in the morning. No more rockstars for me.
In the meanwhile, Kelly and I went for a photography date. We did night shots of the Oquirr temple and I offended a couple who just came out. Then we went to an overpass and did night shots of the freeway. Pretty Freakin cool what my new toy can do!! So I am stoked now that I know how to work it. So let me know when I am doing pictures for you ;)

Lindy's New Boyfriend

Me talking to Skeletor