Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We Are Buying A House!!!

The loan process took forever but has finally come through, therefore..... I present to you our new home.

We have looked at hundreds of homes and it seemed like nothing felt right, unless it was for a lot more then we could afford. Then we found this development near Daybreak, which for those of you who don't know is in the S/W part of Salt Lake. Let me tell you, it is so nice to go from looking at dirty old homes built in the 70's, with absolutely no personality, to a brand new home in which everything is new and to our specifications. And oddly enough they cost the same.

It is like a town home but it is part of a courtyard setup. Basically the units are connected but not in a row, but in a half circle, if that makes sense. We purchased the largest one which takes up one whole side. Which is awesome for two reasons. Our front door is separate from the rest, all the other units in the courtyard seem like their doors are too clustered. But the best reason is we are within a half mile of the new Oquirrh Mountain Temple and we have a great view of it. Let me tell you, it makes for quite the backdrop during sundown. The house will be complete in mid October. I have included a few pics for you to get an idea of what it will be like.

I will admit its a little different but we love it.

If you feel like you have seen identical homes in Farminton its because you have. This development has units with the exact same design as the ones in Farmington

More pics coming soon.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Anni to the Jaques!!

So I was going to save this for work because sometimes I get a little bored, but tonight I got even more bored.

Three years ago, August 20, 2005 Kelly and I got hitched in the San Diego temple. It was awesome. We got to sit in the celestial room forever. We requested a small room but because we were the only ones to get married at the time they gave us the biggest sealing room in the temple, too bad there weren't that many people. I don't remember much of the sealers comments, but I just remember feeling completely happy. After the sealing we exchanged rings. Funny story: when Kelly proposed to me he put the ring on the right finger, wrong hand. I did the exact same thing when we exchanged rings in the temple. Ok not that funny but I thought it might be. We were greeted outside by friends and family members, took pictures and then headed over to Tom Ham's Lighthouse. We had an awesome view of the San Diego harbor and there was the best moon ever. Then Kelly and I headed off to our honeymoon (to do it ;). We stayed in San Diego and went to Sea World. We walked down to the beach and just enjoyed the fine weather.

Kelly looks back on the past three (well five if you count the time we spent dating) years and his favorite memories are the night rides we would take to just get out. My favorite memories are when we can just laugh about nothing and it seems to last for hours. Kelly is always able to stay calm when I freak out. He says I worry enough for the both of us. He is optimistic, me not so much. I am funny, Kelly not so much. Just kidding. I push to get us to go to church, Kelly pushes the snooze button. Kelly thinks about deep, meaningful things, I mostly just think about anything funny or music related. He likes Quinten Tarentino, I like classics and musicals. Kelly calls "Thoroughly Modern Millie," "Inconveniently Milly," because he can never remember the name.

Well enough about us. I included some pics of us mainly because I get bored at work and watch them over and over and laugh at the stupid memory behind the picture. Lame I know.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Blog Nazi Tag!

The blog Nazi tagged me again and then got mad at me for not doing it. So here's to you Mrs. Phillips, hope this entertains you at work. Just kidding totally love you tons, my Willard friend.

How to play this game of tag: Post these rules on your blog. List: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

3 Joys:
-Reading a good book.
-Running at six in the morning (even though I don't do it now. Sometimes it's just the best feeling to be alone out there.)
- Writing something that I know only I will read.

3 Fears:
-Failure as a person and not knowing it.
-Money i.e. not having enough, having too much and being stuck up. having just the right amount, but always wanting more.
-Settling for mediocrity.

3 Goals:
- To get into a our own house by the end of the year.
- Get my school loan paid off.
- To get my photography website going. (it's been on the back burner for a long time.)

3 Current Obsessions/Collections:
- Music. Any kind finding new bands, or old ones that I never listened to before. (except country)
- Kelly, sure why not. I think about him all the time.
- Youtube. If I hear a song I like, I have to look up the music video during down time at work.

3 Random/Surprising Facts about me:
- I'm the baby of the family
- I hate fish, the smell, the look of them and texture.
- I still have my tonsils.

Well there you have it. I can't tag anyone because almost everyone I know has done this one. Peace out!