Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mexican or Mexican't part Dose!!

Our second cruise was freakin AWESOME! It was a much needed break. All of us were feeling the stress of work and school before leaving for a week. We booked a month ago with our pal Dwayne. And March 21 we boarded the Royal Carribbean Mariner of the Seas bound for Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta.
First day at sea a bit rough getting my sea legs back. But worth it. First stop, Cabo. Kelly and I had been there before on our last cruise. It really hasn't changed. We didn't book any excursions, just did as we felt. So we went to the beach. We played in the ocean, marveled at how much bigger our boat was than Carnivals boat, Ashley burried Taylor in the sand. Funny story, the waves are much stronger than you think. A couple of times I got sand rash on my legs and butt. One particular wave practically tumbled me head over heals. So when we stopped at Cabo Wabo for lunch, I went to the bathroom and everyone laughed when sand started pouring out of my stall. Ya it was insane.
Next stop Mazatlan. None of us had been there so we didn't know what to expect. So we picked a sight seeing, shopping and show tour. We got on a bus, watched some divers, saw the richest man in Mazatlan's house, saw a lame show called "Spetaculare" and went and ate at the Shrimp Bucket. We were scared a little bit in this city. Still the beaches looked pretty and it was warm. We did stop and see this old cathedral. We were a bit innappropriate there. Sorry. 
Last stop was Puerto Vallarta. I thought it was the prettiest of the cities we had been to. Blue water, blue sky, warm sunny. The sand was rough, but we didn't go to the beach. Ashley and Taylor had been there on their honeymoon, so we let them lead the way. We just walked around the boardwalk, had 2 for 1 margaritas and daqueries (non-alcoholic, don't worry mom). Ashley went parasailing. That's about it. Let's not forget Magnum ice cream bars. I will just say the US does not make anything as good as those.
Then we wrapped up the trip with two days at sea. We filled those with card games, food, laying out and let's not forget the soft serve!!
Thanks Olsens and Sandersons for making this trip so fun. We have many funny stories, but they wouldn't be as funny if I posted them, but I will ask "Do you like pancakes?"