Wednesday, September 17, 2008

House Update!

Only one more month till it is done!! Hopefully it will be done by the schedule date, October 15. I went to go check it out tonight but it was locked. I guess that is a good thing so homeless people don't sleep there at night and steal our tub. The schedule said they should be painting this week and then putting up cabinets and the tile flooring. I couldn't get in to see, so let's hope they are on schedule. They have started to put up the siding , so it's starting to look like a townhouse. One picture is of a broken window. Hope that get's fixed pronto. Then a view from our house of the new temple.
We are getting excited and starting to plan a big house warming party we are apprently throwing. Just kidding, I don't think anyone wants to drive out to bfe, cause that's where we will be living. Awesome! P.S. the girl in the picture is none other than Amy Patricia Bateman. She's a good friend of mine. I dragged her out there cause there was nothing else to do tonight and we had seen all the good movies already.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I try to not post stuff like this because sometimes I think it would be lame, or boring to read. But I was just thinking about 9/11 and just trying to remember what I was doing that day. I was a freshman in college and I was the last to leave the apartment that day. My roommate had left the t.v. on and I thought that was odd. But as I was eating my breakfast, it suddenly hit me what was being reported. I was awestruck. I couldn't believe what was happening. It still seemed so far away from little old Logan Utah, but at the same time it was our country that was being attacked.
My mom called me as I was out the door and pretty much told me that this was a sign of the times and that the second coming was near. I just laughed because she is a kook like that sometimes. Some of my classes were canceled that day and some teachers acted like nothing was happening and we needed to move on with the lessons.
I hate to admit this but whenever I watch a memorial ceremony or some of those cheesy videos that went around soon after, you know what I'm talking about, I get a little teary eyed. I realize how much we take for granted. Kelly is taking some sort of communications class and one assignment was describe a "right" that everyone in the world should have. I couldn't think of any that we didnt' already have. We are "seriouslysoblessed" to be able to have this great country to live in. I know sometimes that we aren't the best example to the world, but how many women can say they can leave the house without their husbands permission, or hold a job? How many people can say they truly have freedom of speech? (ok don't get all politically correct on me, I am just trying to make a point). I'm talking world wide.
I will stop this rant, but just take a moment today to remember we have it pretty dang good.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to School

I hope the term "its never too late" has some truth to it. Cause I, Kelly, returned to school today. I have known for a long time that I should continue my schooling but have always thought of a reason, no matter how irrelevant, not to. So I did what I have done with many other things in my life which is don't think, just do.

I am enrolled at Argosy University located in Draper. I have always struggled with larger schools having so many programs that is seems like they choose quantity over quality. Argosy only has two focuses, Psychology and Business. It will take just as many credits to get the degree but more courses are targeted toward my degree rather than broad classes that every student of every program has to take.

The schooling is quite convenient because most courses are online and/or online. You choose what works for you and if you struggle you can go to campus. This works great for me 'cause I am still working full time while I go to school full time.

So what do I want to do in Psychology? After I get my bachelors degree, I will get my masters in Marriage/Family Counseling. Then if I still have the stamina, I will get my PhD in Organizational Psychology. So if all gos to plan, I will have the credentials to be a private counselor and also make a living working with multiple corporations to improve their companies work morale.

So wish me luck.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Let me Explain

Being the avid reader of the Jaques' blog that you are, you may have noticed Kelly commenting on me dressing up as a giant frog for charity. So I will take the opportunity to explain.
Last week, Tuesday I think, our company was contacted by Make-A-Wish Foundation about getting some Signing Time! DVDs for a little boy with down-syndrome. He had two wishes: a big screen t.v. and for Signing Time! DVDs. So Rachel (the host and co-creator) decided it would be a fun surprise to present them to him herself. Passing by my desk she jokingly asked if I would dress up as Hopkins (akin to blues clues or some child mascot you know). I thought about it. I really wanted to go see a movie that night, but when she told me what it was for, I decided to do it. We met back at the office later that night and went to present our donation to him.
Now this costume consists of a green stir-up suit. I looked like the Grinch. Then were some shorts and shirt that went over the suit. Then come the feet and gloves. I couldn't walk or get my chapstick open. The head has a little fan it in to dispel the hot air and hopefully stinky breath you have. I practiced a little walking in the feet, but they were the size of swimming flippers.
We had to hide a little when we got to the M.A.W building. But when we came out, Rachel, Alex, Leah and me dressed as Hopkins, Rhett(the little boy) didn't quite know what to make of it. He was a little scared of Hopkins, but eventually warmed up and kept giving Hopkins high fives and knuckles. His family was so excited and surprised that we came. Rhett was so cute and was so excited to see his favorite characters. I had fun walking around and greeting other children. Sadly I did make a baby cry. She just wasn't sure about me, well Hopkins rather.
I can't describe the joy I felt seeing this little guys face light up. I won't go into detail about his and his family's struggles, but the whole family was so excited to see us there. It was well worth the hot muggy suit just to see the smile on Rhett's face. I now wish I worked at M.A.W and could see that every day as my job. As small of a part I was in this little boy's life, I am so grateful for the small opportunity to make him happy.
Here is a link to Rhett's family blog and I included some pic's of me making my debut as Hopkins the frog. Rachel is in the orange sweater, Alex is in the orange shirt, Leah is in the purple tank. Rhett is being held by his dad, he is in a green shirt. Me of course the large frog.