Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year

Welcome New Year!! 13 days later I post ha ha. So classicaly me. Kelly is out bowling tonight so here I am bored for a second. So i write. Today I want you to think about this new year, this new beginning so to speak. Think of last year and all the lame, horrible, miserable events that happened. Then be grateful this year is good so far. You have a job, hopefully, good health and a family to love. I can confidently say we are at a good place in life right now. With that being said, bring on the trials. We all know as soon as we get to a comfortable, good place in life, something happens to, well test us. Only just don't test me with pride. If we become unbelievably rich I will snub you all and move to my big house on the hill. I will appear on House Hunters International looking for a vacation home somewhere in Italy, or the Virgin Islands. You will watch and say "Camille, you shouldn't have worn those shorts."
I kid though. I would give all my friends a couple bucks just so they could buy stuff. Other than that, we are bored. Winter is still on the ground, we are infected with this stupid cough that will just not go away. It started in the sinuses, moved to the throat and is now stuck in our lungs. I blame children and the old lady at my work who pees with the door open. I don't trust her.
Christmas was good. My sister was staying with us, so we got to watch the great excitement that is Christmas morning for children. Our neighbor got a drum set, so all morning we heard the wonderful beat of her bass drum. New Years was low key, bowling with the family and almost sleeping through midnight. I am so old already.
I didn't make any resolutions because I want you to make them for me. Really if you could wish something for your old pal here, what would it be? Seriously, if I could make a resolution for you it would be to call me once in awhile, or text me cause you probably don't want to hear me coughing. Just kidding I'm pretty selfish. My resolution for you is to smile more. What do you think of that?