Thursday, June 19, 2008

Soapbox Moment!

I don't normally post stuff like this, but I can't stop thinking about it. Today on the Radio From Hell morning show, on X96, they do a segment called "ask a..." and various people from all walks of life have come on. Today was ask an excommunicated mormon. I was intrigued as I am mormon, LDS, whathave you. The lady that was on was excommincated for speaking out about doctrinal issues. Her deal was with the treatment of women in the church, the fact women don't hold the priesthood and her husband had been excommunicated previously. I don't agree with her, but decided to hear her out. She was going on about how no one tried to have a discussion with her and try to answer her questions. She likened the high council to the communist party. She can have her beliefs, but she has to be silent about it to be able to stay in the church. She wrote articles against this principle of the church and had them published.
This struck me in a couple of ways. No loving bishop, or stake president would just tell you to be silent, they would try to resolve issues and after that if you still have problems and try to persuade others to believe against the doctrine then that's when disciplinary action is taken. How can you claim to be part of any church, claim to have a testimony but not believe in every single aspect? I admit I struggle with some things (and am not perfect by any means), but I try to understand them spiritually and temporally. I don't want to judge her as she is entitled to her opinions and beliefs. But as far as the church is concerned, they were right to do what they did. She cannot represent Christ, represent the church, but speak out about one of the most important principles of the church. It's just too contradictory.
Personally, I wouldn't want the priesthood. Think about it, if women held the priesthood along with their other callings, being a mother and so forth, what would the men do? Elder Dallin H. Oaks said, "Men are not the priesthood." The priesthood is a gift from Heavenly Father to bless all his children. The men hold the priesthood to bless everyone. Yes, some men abuse this gift and some women abuse their gifts as well. Nobody is perfect. I can see how someone could see this as men are treated better than women. But at the same time, they must not fully understand or have the slightest testimony of the priesthood.
Sure being a young woman I thought the boys were treated better beause of the activities they got to do. I just thought the people in the ward were jerks for not being willing to take the young women boating too. I didn't ever think it was just because they had the priesthood. People tend to lump the members as the gospel. Members are not perfect, but the gospel is. I think that is all too often tied together. If you have a true testimony of the gospel, you would realize and differentiate this fact. I know Satan uses this against us. Many people fall away from the church because of the way members live and act, not because of the gospel and it's principles.
I know I am on a huge soapbox right now, but someone called in and made the comment that the reason people get defensive about the church and it's doctrines is because they are insecure. Quite the opposite my friend. I rise to the defense because it is something I love and know to be true. I think non-mormons are just don't understand the church. They see it as an archaic religious institution. But I am glad the church will always be the same it does not change, no matter what century. If your religion reflected the attitudes of mainstream society, then it would be the church of the world, not the church of God. He is the head of the church, not the world. Thankgoodness for that.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lights! Camera!... We're dorks!

So Kelly got me some studio lights for my birthday and we finally set them up last week. We were trying to figure out how to syncronize everything, figure out how it worked. Once we, (Kelly really, I came down later) figured it out, we decided to have some fun testing out the lights. I was looking at the pictures and said to Kelly, "we are so blogging these". So here for your enjoyment, to entertain you at work, and to embarrass me, our attempts at being professionals with lights. I have to tell you, it wasn't easy using the timer then trying to pose. We almost knocked the camera over a couple of times. It was fun though, I didn't want to go to my relief society meeting that night. Lucky for me it was canceled. I didn't edit any of these so that you may awe at them in their full glory!