Sunday, December 4, 2011

So this is Christmas

Alright it's four days into Christmas and surprisingly I'm still enjoying the season. We put up our tree yesterday. We even put a star on it. Not really sure what I want to write, just hopped on here and was browsing around. I was recently introduced to Seriously hooked on phonics with that site. I never thought I would get into that stuff, but I'm really enjoying it. Possibly contemplating getting on facebook just for that site. But I can just use Kelly's and he will have all this girly stuff pinned.
Here is my favorite find so far:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanks, Gracias, Danke, Merci

Just a few words I throw around this time of the year. Yes it's Thanksgiving. You know what that means? I got excited for Christmas last week and by Dec. 10 I will be sick of it. But also it's Turkey day. If I may take a moment to show gratitude.
First off to friends who help me see the good in life. We are all going through different trials and hardships, but I'm constantly awed by those who are able to take those challenges and just go with it. They don't "mourn" for what they don't have, but relish and delight in what they do have.
Second to family who never fails to love and support. When I lost my job a while ago, when my family found out they said "we will do whatever it takes so you won't lose your house." Thankfully it didn't come to that, but what a better example of what a family is supposed to be. There for each other.
Third for employment. We may hate it and curse it every morning when the alarm goes off, but the lessons are invaluable. Hard, honest work is nothing to be ashamed of.
Fourth for the gospel. I know I should have put this first, but order doesn't really matter when they are all weighted the same right? I am amazed at how much the gospel helps me in my life. To not only have the moral beliefs, but the religious ones as well. For example when half the people in my office smoke and are constantly out sick. I am grateful for the knowledge that keeps me away from that.
Fifth for my little family. Kelly, me and Harley. For as much as we desperately wish it would grow, we are happy with right now. Today just laying around enjoying being together, nothing makes me happier. I get to see my best friend every day, (Kelly, not Harley ;) When I come home Kelly and Harley are so excited to see me and I them. It's like being apart for eight hours was the worst. So cheesy I know, but hey it's my life.
If there's anything to cure the blues, it's counting your blessings. I remember a lesson I learned a long time ago, when you are at your worst, kneel down and pray for all the things you are grateful for. That will turn it around. So thank you to those out there who help make my life just a little bit better everyday. Even if we don't talk much, I still think about you and am grateful I know you.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Why Can't I Quit this Blog

Seriously, I feel guilty I haven't posted anything this year since January. Oh wait there is nothing to post really. My life is an abyss of Interide. All I do is work, come home, wake up and do it over again. "Now, Camille that's not all you do." Sometimes that's what it feels like. There have been nights I didn't get off work till 7 or later. Shoot me now! But I am grateful for the work experience and the income.
Kelly has been working just as much with Ecolab and The Carpet Solution. He is getting busier each month with carpet appointments. So if you need carpets in your house cleaned, call Kelly.
So far this year we both turned 28. Yeah! We just had our 6 year anniversary. We have lived in our house for about 3 years now and have had our Harley girl 5 years. A couple of milestones this year. We haven't taken a vacation yet this year. I feel really boring right about now. I seriously feel bad for you if you are still reading this post.
I was reminiscing awhile ago about the good old days as Kelly and I took a couple of trips to Bear Lake this year and passed through Logan. I guess I just miss days of being carefree, cheap rent and pretending you were doing something important like getting a BA in Journalism. None of this grown up stuff like re-financing your mortgage, seeing all your friends have kids and having just plain grown up jobs (sort of). When the only disappointment was not getting into the classes you wanted. None of this serious heartache. Alright enough Eyore talk.
As I feel myself slipping slowly into depression I am thinking of ways to get myself out of it. Hence my 5 am running sessions. I know crazy, but I love it. I used to go every morning before school in high school and I forgot how much I missed it. There is something about seeing the neighborhood slowly wake up. (I don't take headphones cause I'm afraid a crazy serial killer is following me and I won't hear him.) So much clarity. From this I decided to start writing stories. I don't know what will come of them, or even if I will share any, but that's my therapy so to speak. The cure for depression is lots of hobbies. So I'm up for any suggestions (besides crafting. I have given up on that).
I still remain dead set against facebook. I don't need to know what burger joint you are eating at. So maybe I will try to revive the blog. Onwards!!

My sisters and I did do a race in May, I think. The Bear Lake Marathon, Half, 10k and 5k. The sisters in black did the 5k. It was Beth's first race so we took it easy. Cyndi had to show us up and do the half. It was fun to spend the weekend with my best friends and have fun. Yes we did coordinate the black, because it's slimming.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year

Welcome New Year!! 13 days later I post ha ha. So classicaly me. Kelly is out bowling tonight so here I am bored for a second. So i write. Today I want you to think about this new year, this new beginning so to speak. Think of last year and all the lame, horrible, miserable events that happened. Then be grateful this year is good so far. You have a job, hopefully, good health and a family to love. I can confidently say we are at a good place in life right now. With that being said, bring on the trials. We all know as soon as we get to a comfortable, good place in life, something happens to, well test us. Only just don't test me with pride. If we become unbelievably rich I will snub you all and move to my big house on the hill. I will appear on House Hunters International looking for a vacation home somewhere in Italy, or the Virgin Islands. You will watch and say "Camille, you shouldn't have worn those shorts."
I kid though. I would give all my friends a couple bucks just so they could buy stuff. Other than that, we are bored. Winter is still on the ground, we are infected with this stupid cough that will just not go away. It started in the sinuses, moved to the throat and is now stuck in our lungs. I blame children and the old lady at my work who pees with the door open. I don't trust her.
Christmas was good. My sister was staying with us, so we got to watch the great excitement that is Christmas morning for children. Our neighbor got a drum set, so all morning we heard the wonderful beat of her bass drum. New Years was low key, bowling with the family and almost sleeping through midnight. I am so old already.
I didn't make any resolutions because I want you to make them for me. Really if you could wish something for your old pal here, what would it be? Seriously, if I could make a resolution for you it would be to call me once in awhile, or text me cause you probably don't want to hear me coughing. Just kidding I'm pretty selfish. My resolution for you is to smile more. What do you think of that?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween or something like it

Ok I know I don't really update this thing to often. But when you get to be a woman of my age, there really isn't a whole lot going on. Literally have to be to work by 7:30, find myself home by 5 or 5:30 depending on traffic, greet Harley, give Kelly a hug, go work out (or nap whatever I feel like, more than likely a nap), maybe cook dinner and start all over the next day. Do you ever feel your life has hit one of those ruts? Blah. So if you have any motivational thoughts for me go ahead and post me a little comment. Seriously feeling like I hit a wall in life. Blah again.
Well the willard friends told us they were going to do a haunted house for charity this year. I was doubtful they would pull it off in two weeks (it's ok to say this because I already told them), but I was really surprised when I pulled up the Friday afternoon before Halloween to find a haunted house in almost full swing. There were some last minute things going up, but by 7 there were people waiting to go in. Opening night was fun. I got to take tickets and be a "guide". Legally there had to be someone who went through with every group in case of emergencies and what not. I was impressed, people were scared, screaming and someone ran out half way through. Go us!! Saturday night some volunteers couldn't make it so I helped out. I got to be in the darkest room of all, all by myself, in a really old supposedly haunted building. You know those old indian schools in Brigham? Ya that's where we were. But I did not see anything, or get that creepy feeling. But many prayers in my head were said. Anyway the second night turned out to be a success and this haunted house will probably happen again next year.
Other than that I don't know we what we have been up to. I have been taking pictures here and there. Since I am working full time I haven't been marketing my photography really. But I still do pictures for friends and family. It's still something I love, but in these tough times mamma's gotta help bring in the dough.
I still refuse to get a facebook account, but I admit I look at Kelly's here and there. I think I would waste a lot of time on there. So if you want to get in touch with me this might have to be it for awhile or look up Kelly.
Here are pictures for you. Enjoy!

Imagine this room pitch black and me in a white ghost mask trying to scare you. I mostly just screamed at people.

Hanging the "meat bags". This was the chainsaw room.

Me in a scary mask. Whatever

The swamp room.

And a cool sunset up there.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Man Where does the time go?!

It's totally been five year since Kelly and I got hitched. That is really crazy to think that I would ever get to that point in my life to have been married five years. Most Hollywood marriages don't last that long.
Last week Kelly had flowers waiting for me at work. They were gorgeous. I didn't take a picture, go figure. I took off early and we hit up a matine. Then spent a wonderful evening up Odgen canyon. We went to dinner in eden at this place called Harley and Bucks. It's a Texas grill type of joint. But good. Then stayed the night at the Alaskan Inn, in the Northern Lights room. They had this cool set up on the ceiling with led lights and a black light. We couldn't figure out how to turn off the black light, so I had dreams about techno and raves. Go figure. We saw newly weds leaving the next morning. I had to laugh because I remember the morning after the wedding day, among other things. I wanted to walk up to them and tell them they had a long road and they got married on the best date 8-20 ever. But that would be weird, so I resisted.
Maybe five years isn't that long compared to the big picture, but it's a start. If we can make it five, we can make it 50. Sometimes there are fights about certain purchases, sometimes there are days we just want to do our thing. It all comes down to the end of the night, the only person I want by me is Kelly. I appreciate the person he is and who he is becoming. He works hard to support us and further his education. I have to smile because just thinking about him makes me do just that.
Wub you!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Has it been that long?

Alright so the last post was in March of the cruise. But what can I say, not much has really happened. Work is still going well for Kelly and me. Sometimes I feel we are both so busy we hardly see each other. Poor Harley gets neglected. But at the end of the night she still forgives us.
So big news!!! We got a scooter!! Anyone one who knows me, knows I have wanted a scooter for the longest time. But when it came down to buying it, I resisted with the reason it wasn't really practical because work is just too far away. But we are not practical people so we got Sasha anyways. I named her Sasha after JD's scooter from Scrubs. Except mine is red.
So sad news. I crashed her. I know right. I am that girl who gets something and then destroys it. It was a sad day, but I can laugh about it now. I won't go into detail, but know from now on I ride alone on Sasha. She is almost fixed though and I have a helmet so all is good.
But Kelly couldn't live with me having a scooter so she now has a sister. Stella. After a week long fight I gave in and now we have Stella. I will admit it's fun to have a motorcycle for those nights it's just so hot that a night ride is the just the thing to cool off.
I figure since we don't have kids and probably won't for long time we will enjoy this time in our lives and just be selfish for a little bit.
Other than that not much. Just enjoying the summer and the good warm times.
Here are pictures of our girls.

This is Stella

This is Sasha in the repair phase

This is Sasha before the crash. If you think she has an eagle on the front fender you would be right. EEEEAGLLLE!