Sunday, February 21, 2010

This little blog

I feel blogs have gone the way of myspace. They just aren't cool anymore. But since I have many a family outside of Utah I will keep udating it. Plus my mom says she knows whats going on in my life by reading my blog. I guess I don't call her enough. Sorry Judy.
Well well, what to write. I made an executive decision and am going to run the Salt Lake Half Marathon. Not the full, the half that's 13.1 miles. I have already done this before, but am better prepared and am not training in the dead of winter. However it is still cold when I run outside. Lame. I started training this week. Had a good run on Saturday and totally thought I hit 7 miles. Clocked it and it was 5?!! What the....Guess I need to find longer routes.
We are going on a cruse in March!! We are going to the dirty Mexico side. That's Cabo, Puerta V. and Mazatlan. Totally stoked to go. I have needed a vacation since December 1st of 2008. Plus when we get back hopefully soon after that it will start to warm up. The only thing I am worried about is continuing my running training while on the boat. Any suggestions?
Other than that there really isn't much going on here in Jaquesville. Just hanging out with good friends, teaching Harley new tricks which she refuses to learn and living the life. My photography is at a standstill right now. Probably because it's winter. But I am going to try and keep up with it, but mostly keep doing it on the side. Work is good. My company keeps growing so that's a good sign. Kelly is busy with school and work. He is getting closer to being done with his bachelors. Can't wait!!
Anywho happy February. Here is a fun picture project we have did this month.

I have been wanting to try and capture smoke lately. Don't know why but it always looked cool when it curls around itself and just disappears. So one night Kelly and I got our smokiest candle and this is what came out.