Wednesday, November 25, 2009

MLS Cup '09

Kelly here, just sharing a once in a lifetime experience I had this past weekend. I went to Seattle to watch our very own Real Salt Lake compete against LA Galaxy in the MLS Cup.

I went with Josh B, Nick M, and my brother Brady. We drove the 855 miles to Seattle on some what of a whim, because even we did not expect our Real to make it to the Championship. I have never been to Seattle, and I must say I think I would love to end up there one day. The city was clean (probably from all the rain), the architecture was cool, and the food was good. And I enjoy any city that is that close to the water on multiple sides.

The turnout for the game was amazing. As we walked around earlier that day, we noticed a lot more Real fans than we expected. Turns out Real fans outnumbered LA fans 10 to 1 according to some report. Naturally there were 10 times more Seattle Fans there than the two groups combined. The good news is that Seattle Sounders fans HATE the Galaxy. Even Drew Carey. So as you can imagine Real had the support of 95% of the crowd. Before the game Real fans gathered and marched the streets for a few blocks to the stadium. It was a river of red. The game was intense, I remember shivering uncontrollably before the game, but once that whistle blew, we started shedding clothes. You should know the end. Real wins in a shoot out and I lost my voice for the night.

I want to publicly thank my beautiful wife for understanding and letting me take this trip with the boys.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tender Lumplings Everywhere, Life's No Fun Without A Good Scare!

Where to start? This Halloween weekend was the most fun we have had in a while. We Jaques' haven't really gotten out much the past couple of Halloweens. So with a party Friday and Saturday night?! Crazyness ensues.
First off decide what to be for the mandatory costume party in Willard. I knew I wanted to be a derby girl for Halloween ever since I saw "Whip It". And I was. I didn't have skates or pads, but I had a helmet and my very own Hurl Scouts outfit. I was pretty impressed by my skills. Kelly decided to be the coach which included short jean shorts and a sick wig. He pulled it off pretty well I think.
Friday nights party was awesome. Donut eating contest, charades and dirty pictionary. There was a costume contest for scariest, funniest and best overall. The Jaques' did not win any, but next year be sure we will dominate. Pretty fun night overall.
Saturday, All Hallows Eve. I decided I wasn't that comfortable in my getup to wear it a second night in a row. So I donned the silk chinese robe Cyndi brought me from China, put my hair up and wore socks with my flip flops. That's about all the effort I could muster. Kelly decided to be a guitar hero, so he braved the wig for a second night in a row and drew himself a soul patch. I know we are so creative. We headed over to Red Robins witht the SoJo group. (that's speak for south jordan). Pretty awesome dinner with tons of fries, don't you worry about that. It was fun to see we weren't the only big group who dressed up. Then we headed back over to the Sandersons for a night of games, rock band, a roucus game of dominoes and tons of yummy treats.
All in all, the best Halloween in a while. Although I paid for staying awake till at least 1 each night this week by struggling in church, but still it was just fast Sunday and therefore nappy time in sacrement. Don't judge, you do it to. There were so many wonderful pictures to put up that I had to do a slideshow. So if you want pictures just put your email down and I will make sure to get those to you post haste.
You stay classy.

I designed the invite for the party. Apparently no one got them. This isn't the one that went out, but still it's pretty funny.

The coach: Who Kelly is supposed to be

Actual Kelly

My inspiration

My starting pose