Sunday, July 11, 2010

Has it been that long?

Alright so the last post was in March of the cruise. But what can I say, not much has really happened. Work is still going well for Kelly and me. Sometimes I feel we are both so busy we hardly see each other. Poor Harley gets neglected. But at the end of the night she still forgives us.
So big news!!! We got a scooter!! Anyone one who knows me, knows I have wanted a scooter for the longest time. But when it came down to buying it, I resisted with the reason it wasn't really practical because work is just too far away. But we are not practical people so we got Sasha anyways. I named her Sasha after JD's scooter from Scrubs. Except mine is red.
So sad news. I crashed her. I know right. I am that girl who gets something and then destroys it. It was a sad day, but I can laugh about it now. I won't go into detail, but know from now on I ride alone on Sasha. She is almost fixed though and I have a helmet so all is good.
But Kelly couldn't live with me having a scooter so she now has a sister. Stella. After a week long fight I gave in and now we have Stella. I will admit it's fun to have a motorcycle for those nights it's just so hot that a night ride is the just the thing to cool off.
I figure since we don't have kids and probably won't for long time we will enjoy this time in our lives and just be selfish for a little bit.
Other than that not much. Just enjoying the summer and the good warm times.
Here are pictures of our girls.

This is Stella

This is Sasha in the repair phase

This is Sasha before the crash. If you think she has an eagle on the front fender you would be right. EEEEAGLLLE!