Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bolder Boulder, or if you like, More Bold!

Sea Level is for sissy's. That's right running at elevation 5000+ feet, is not easy. This last Memorial Day, Kelly and I participated in the second biggest race in the United States, 54,000 people participated. It was the Boulder Boulder 10k (6.2 miles). I would have to say it was the funnest race I have done. The hole town of Boulder gets into it. There were people outside of their houses offering water, fruit, beer-I mean carbs-, one house had a mudslide and even cupcakes- the cake you can run with. I followed a guy who was juggling the whole way. Some runners were dressed in costumes. By the time I was done, I didn't feel like I had run 6 miles. Cyndi stayed with me the whole time and we finished in 1 hour :13 minutes. Kelly finished in 54 minutes. This was my first 10k, and Kelly's as well. I know, do a 10k before a half-marathon, but I'm just not generic like that.

We arrived in Boulder Friday night. The city is gorgeous green, it's like city in the mountains.
Saturday we picked up our packets and just walked around the booths that were set up. That was insane, there were so many people there. Sunday we drove to Estas Park, about 35 miles away. How you know this quaint town? There is The Stanley mansion or hotel where 'The Shining' was filmed. We were going to tour it, but it cost money and to be honest we weren't that interested. So we found this little amusement park and drove go-karts and bumper boats. I must have been playing too much Mario Kart because I kept wanting to throw a red turtle at the stupid kid in front of me.

Monday was the race. It was perfect weather, overcast. Meredith, Cyndi, Cyndi's friend Michelle, Kelly and I were the runners. So I don't have any pictures of us finishing or starting because there was just too many people and all of my photographers were running. So here are some cute pics of the kids at Estas Park and pics from the Bolder Boulder web site. P.S. the red shirts we are all wearing say "". We got them free from a booth and if we were wearing the shirts during the race, they would write down our bib number and there was a chance to win something. None of us won :( PSS I had to wait for our Boulder pics to be posted. That's why it took me a week to update this one.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Logan Schmogan!

So it's this time of year that was always my favorite in Logan. Things were really starting to get green and warm. My favorite street in Logan was 2nd East from about 10th north to 2nd north. The trees just hung over the street and it was just awesome. I never got to take a picture of it, well because I would have been hit by a car.
I will admit I do miss Logan, but only in the summer. There was just tons of stuff to do outside, we were only an hour away from Bear Lake. Good times. So I was looking through some pics of Logan and I will post some of my favorite spots. Why? Because I have nothing else to post and Amanda gets mad at me that I hardly ever update.

This is up at the outdoor ampitheater on Old Main Hill. I would ride my bike up here to sit, think, sleep or read. It was just a great place to watch the sunset. I also had a great view of the temple.
This bridge was up at 1st or 2nd dam, one of the damn dams. I would run on the river trail and would stop at the bridge and spit over one side and hurry to the other side to see if I could see it floating. Don't judge me, you know you've done that sometime in your life. Plus it was just a cool spot to come.

This is in Sardine Canyon right before the disappearing lake. This isn't a favorite spot because I hated driving through that canyon, but it sure is a cool picture. At least I think so.

I just like the name of the restaurant. The food is soso and is overpriced. The name was also a nickname for getting 'some', like "do the gia." Don't ask where it came from. I'm not even sure that I made it up.
This is the alley in between the bookstore and.... I forget.... on Main street. It always reminded me of an alley you would get mugged in. But I think the door at the end is the White Owl. Kelly and I went around "downtown" Logan one night just taking cool pictures.
The old roller rink which had been closed for long time by the time I took this. One of my friends got proposed to here. Not a favorite spot, but a landmark nonetheless. I skated there once and was afraid I was going to die.
I think this was in the parking lot of Old Navy and we just happened to have a camera with us. I have seen some of the best sunsets ever in Logan. So there you have it. My little visual ode to Logan. I was always saying I wanted to move out of there, glad I did mind you, but you have to admit it is really pretty up there.