Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mormons in Vegas

That's right, we went to Vegas. Amanda had this convention thing for her school down in Vegas, so she invited us all down for it. We flew down Saturday morning and couldn't check in Planet Hollywood till 3, so we hung out and walked the strip for a bit. We ate at this place called Dick's and the waiters are allowed to be just that. I think our waiter said mother f*&*er like 10 times in the course of our meal. Then they make you these hats you have to wear. Mine said "I'm just here for da hooker convention", Kelly's said "I did all the stunts in brokeback mountain." Pretty funny, but also annoying wearing this butcher paper hat on your hear trying to eat. Saturday night we saw the most fantastic show by Cirque du Soliel called "KA". I tell you it was fantastic. So crazy what they can do. I highly suggest it if you are ever down that way.

Sunday was pool day. Planet Hollywood has these two huge pools. It was packed so we grabbed some chairs and caught some rays. I have to say that no matter how awful I look in a swimsuit, there is always someone who looks worse. I'm just saying...
Amanda had her convention so the rest of use went down and walked around old vegas. The Golden Nugget and.... that's the only one I can remember. Pretty sweet. We came back and caught the rest of the NBA finals, boo on lakers for winning, again. But while we were waiting for our pizza by the valet, I saw Ice-T. You know the washed up 80's rapper on Law and Order: SVU. That's two semi-celebrity sightings in a row. How special am I? Sunday night we caught the volcano show at the Mirage and the water show at the Belagio. More walking.

Monday was do whatever day. Kelly and I hit the penny slots, got overpriced M&M's at the factory, walked the Venetian, the Miracle Mile shops and then Kelly lost our grocery money at a Texas Hold 'em table. So if anyone wants to make us dinner this week, that would be awesome.
I didn't really take that many pictures. So sorry about the lack thereof.
While it was a blast, I would be ok if it was a long time before I went back there. Maybe next time I will actually ride some rides. Maybe one day...