Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Late Anni!!

So I am late on updating this thing. But last Thursday was our 4 year anniversary. Wahoo! Great, wow! I know right. I think back to other anniversaries and can't remember what we did. That's how you truly know you are married.
It was Joseph Barth (whoever that is) that said "Marriage is our last, best chance to grow up." I could not agree more. I am not the same person I was before marriage and I am sure Kelly isn't either. It took me four years to realize that I am a different person married than I was single. Change came whether we were ready or not. Together we grew up and still have much more to go. This past year has not been an easy one. Another example of life not going according to plan. Kelly has been by my side and has supported me in my "I am going to get a job", "No, I am not going to get a job", "What if I just get a part-time job" phase. He taught me that it is not the job that defines me.
Anywho we went camping Thursday night at Mirror Lake in the Unitas. It got pretty cold that night. I know Harley was warm all snuggled down in the blankets. I did get cold however. Friday morning we got up early (well early for us) and looked for a great hike. We decided on Bald Mountain. Two miles, steep and rocky. That's all I have to say. If you want to know how in shape you are go for a hike. I was taking it slow while Harley pulled Kelly up the mountain. She loved it. People were amazed a small dog like her could fair so well up there. But getting to the top was worth it. The view was just breath taking. We were able to see all these lakes in the surrounding area including the gorgeous Mirror Lake. I am always amazed at how awesome the mountains are.
This is the part where I say how grateful I am for Kelly. And I am. He makes the small moments the best ones. Love ya Kel-Kel!!
As always a few pictures.

Starting the hike. Notice we are smiling.

One of the many lakes. View from somewhere in the middle.

Harley the mountain goat.

Made it to the top. Yeah!! Notice not really smiling, much.

I freaked when Kelly took this picture. Now I know now how moms feel when their kids get near the edge of things.

Mirror Lake. Very Pretty. View from the top.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have the Best FRieNdS EveR!!

So awhile ago I asked Amanda if she would want to be a model for me so I could get some practice at just taking pictures in general. Well she got her friend Stevi in on it and what turned out was well..... freakin amazing.

Stevi shows up with this suitcase full of clothes and accessories. In my mind I was just thinking maybe an outfit or two and make it quick you know. Nope this was like a two hour event with changing in the back of my car. Amanda shows up in these long eyelashes and bright red lipstick. I can't lie, I had a blast. Those two were creative and just willing to go with whatever. It was an adventure in the backyard of Chase's mom's neighbor. I fell on this wood stack and almost got a rusty nail up my butt. We wanted to shoot longer, but alas our light was setting. Bummer.

I won't post all the pictures, but here is what I have edited so far today. I have been editing all day and am tired. I have about 25 pics edited and about 25 or so to go. I took lots. So if anyone is daring enough to be my next models, it will be fun.

I call this my Urban Farm phase. Enjoy

Sunday, August 9, 2009


My newest niece Morgan Sophie. She was born on July 21 (I think). She is already a little princess, I can tell. Unlike her big sister, likes the color pink, perfume and make-up, but is a lover of bugs. Go figure.

This photo shoot was a little challenging because the kids were just squirmy. None of them wanted to have their picture taken. But they endured because kit-kats were on the line. Morgan loves to have her arms and legs stretched out. I guess after 9 months being couped up in the womb who wouldn't want to stretch out. Well here are my favorites. Enjoy and let me know what you think.