Monday, April 27, 2009

On a Rainy Sunday

Two posts in one month, crazy! Ok not really once you read. Updates: Camille's uneventful birthday, lots of rain and finally taking the Xterra off roading. Ok it wasn't what you think. It was off road alright, but there is just some undeveloped land by our house that people take their dirt bikes and four wheelers on. We took the Xterra on it.
The Willard friends came down Sunday to keep us entertained. Needless to say we wanted to get out of the house. Kelly has been wanting to prove the X (that's what I call it) can handle its own, so off we went. The pictures I got weren't very good because I was bouncing everywhere. Yes I did freak out at the new car, well new to us, driving on a narrow dirt road with the possibility of rolling over. But it probably freaked the drivers on Bangerter to see a car going the opposite of them on the dirt road. We found a big mud puddle to drive through. I don't know what it is about driving through a big puddle that makes you feel like a kid again. But we sure were all giggling foolishly. I didn't want to post about getting a new car cause that's gay, but I guess it's ok when you are doing something fun in it. I know we are totally big nerds.

Oh and Happy 26th to me. yeah

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Nothing new to really post, but I hate when almost a month goes by and you have to look at the same blog post over and over again. I am still looking for a job. Have had a few interviews and even a very eventful four day stint of employment, but other than that still unemployed. I think the fact I haven't gotten a job yet is a sign I am not meant to have a job. Kelly disagrees.

There really isn't much else going on in our lives. Harley is the same as ever, Kelly is working hard and going to school. We ventured out on a limb and got a new car. That's about as exciting as it gets here in Jaquesville.

I did do some pictures of my niece and nephew for Easter. It was a windy day, but the sunniest it's been for a while. I will post a few. I loved doing this little photo shoot, so if any of you need pictures or just want to give me something to do for an hour, let me know. But then again I am sure you know somebody who is starting their own photog business. Who isn't these days? Geez it's almost like you can't be original anymore.