Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Now What?

Do you ever have that feeling once Christmas is over? I mean you look forward to the one day all year and then if you are like me, New Years is a bit of a let down. I will be darned if Kelly and I don't have a fun New Years this year.
Anywho, what have we been up to? We went ice skating and to the Melting Pot with Chamanda. That was pretty fun. We haven't really gotten out much this winter. We have had tons of family parties. More on Kelly's side. So were driving up north quite a bit. Good thing we have the X to handle the snow and winter driving. If you remember a couple of weeks ago the really bad snow storms. It took me 2 hours to get to work. Gotta Love winter driving.
Christmas Eve we were at Pams house. Enjoyed lots of fun and card games. Harley got two presents this year from them. We gave her a bone in her stocking. She loved it and ate it all. Christmas eve I wore my red puffy vest with the fur hood. Without realizing I put Harleys new coat we got her (not for fashion, but to keep her warm so she will actually go potty outside) and went to the store. I came back and realized how much we matched. Needless to say I later lost a bet to Kelly and had to endure pictures to prove we matched. Sad. I just laughed about it. It is kinda funny.
Christmas day we spent the morning watching christmas movies and sleeping. Then headed up to my parents. It was a pretty quiet Christmas, but I will say I have felt the true meaning of Christmas better this year. I tried to read more about Christ. I think it really helped.
Anywho fun pictures below.

Not happy about matching.

Isn't Harley Cute in her coat!!

Chase thoroughly enjoyed the Flaming Turtle!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas is coming!!

I did Christmas card pictures for my sis the other night. Man those kids are so dang cute. I decided to post them because I have just have to spread the smiles.
Well, I did get a job finally. I am working for a logistics company. The ship things to say the least. I am excited to be helping to support our family again. I have been working two full days and I miss my free time already. But I am grateful for the job. Thank you to those who helped me get the job and you know who you are.
Anywho not much else is going on. I did many a christmas craft and actually put them up around the house so we look festive. I am excited for the season and hope we get some snow to really make it feel like Christmas.