Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's me! Can't you tell?

So I saw this the other day and got a little excited because that is me way in the small corner on the left hand side. I was just waiting for Harley to go potty. Then I got sad because the guy must have put in that tree to cover up our bbq and added some shrubs along the side because it does not look that great nor is the grass that green. Ha that is awesome.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Whatever, Harry Potter and Harley

I figure I'd better update this thing once in a while. To be honest not a whole lot is going on in our lives. Still am jobless, but to be honest I am not looking that hard. I think I like staying at home. No this does not mean a baby Jaques is on the way.

I have been doing some pictures of Harley, again you say, well she is my only subject that just lays there for me. There is this great site where you can put your own book together called, I am in the midst of making my own Harley book. It's going to be fantastic.

Primary update: getting better. Our first Sunday alone with them was not quite a nightmare, but still scary. I think we got five minutes of lesson in and then the rest was trying to calm them down. I have learned the value of going to get drinks in the middle of class, playing the whisper game and crayons. Coloring takes up a solid 20 minutes. I love it. This past Sunday Kelly and I were treated to an amazing story from one of our youngins about how he beat up a t-rex and survived with only a skinned knee. Then he built a boat out of legos, stepped back, put his hands on his hips and said "Ah, huh." He was quite pleased with his boat. Also the week before last, if you were worried about the pee-pee heads, your worries are over. I hear a prayer from a child is the most valuable. So the pee-pee heads have been prayed over. I love those kids!

Lastley, I was conned into reading the Harry Potter series. So to keep my promise, I just finished book three this morning. I will say a certain vampire novelist has nothing on the fabulous Ms. Rowling. I am amazed at how much imagination and creativity went into these books. To dream up a world like that but also have a significant plot in each book. I hear it has a better ending than a hybrid pregnancy and very disappointed ending where a certain heroine didn't die. When the H.P books first came out I was anti because I was in high school and thought it would be cool to rebel against the masses. So years later I am finally reading them. Don't worry, I celebrate finishing a book by watching the movie. "Jane" said I had to read at least the first six books before the sixth movie comes out. So I guess that will be my big reward for reading that far and I assume I will just want to read the seventh book because I got that far and you can't just quit.

Well here are some pics of Harley that Kelly and I did. We found out just how much she loves her ball.
Alright enough of that. Peace out