Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lights! Camera!... We're dorks!

So Kelly got me some studio lights for my birthday and we finally set them up last week. We were trying to figure out how to syncronize everything, figure out how it worked. Once we, (Kelly really, I came down later) figured it out, we decided to have some fun testing out the lights. I was looking at the pictures and said to Kelly, "we are so blogging these". So here for your enjoyment, to entertain you at work, and to embarrass me, our attempts at being professionals with lights. I have to tell you, it wasn't easy using the timer then trying to pose. We almost knocked the camera over a couple of times. It was fun though, I didn't want to go to my relief society meeting that night. Lucky for me it was canceled. I didn't edit any of these so that you may awe at them in their full glory!


Devron, Genna, Asher, Owen said...

Your family pics are very cute! My last one of you camille might be my favorite.

Cottle said...

Hey, Teish needs your email in order to send you an invite. SO, what's your email. Mine is marielovesjon@yahoo.com corny I know, but if I change it I will have to tell everyone and that sucks. So email me and I will forward it to her. Your pictures are adorable. You are so photogenic reminds me of the time we ran around wal-mart getting random pictures. Do you remember that?

Teisha said...

Love the pics... Kelly, you always knew how to strike a pose for the camera :) I am glad that we will be able to stay in touch now with our blogs :)