Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Must Go"

I know this is a total rip-off from a radio morning show, but I have been mentally adding things to my list of things that must go. For any of you who do not know what I am referring to, its a thing that bothers you, so much that they should be eliminated from the face of the earth. And it just feels nice to have them be heard. I invite each of you to add something(s) of your own that you simply cannot stand anymore on the comments page.

Kelly's List

-When you hold a door open for a complete stranger and the person pushes the door open that final two inches of the doors capacity as they walk through, sometimes they do this while thanking you at the same time.

-People who do not wave to show their graditude when I let them into traffic. If they wave they are fine and I feel good about myself, if they do not then I can feel the rage boiling up inside me. There is no gray area in this matter.

-Reality Shows and anyone who believes that none of them are scripted.

-How some car doors unlock to the left while others unlock to the right. I always lose that 50-50 guess.

-Cyclist that ride in traffic, but become 'pedestrians' when they come to a red light and ride through the crosswalk.

-When fast food joints like McDonalds uses the word "fresh."

-Diehard sports fanatics who probably couldn't run to their mailbox without having a heart attack.

-Nascar, go ahead and keep it just reduce it to ten laps or something, then it would be interesting how crazy it gets when they go balls to the wall rather then a ridiculously long endurance race with pitstops and tire changes. Its no wonder no one can watch it without a beer in hand.

-People who declare themselves to be Democratic or Republican, lets be honest, both parties are souly devoted to fighting with the other and have lost all desire to do what is best for the people.

-Those two insets on the tops of hangers (designated for hanging womens shirts like spaghetti string and others). They catch the collar of my tee shirts everytime.

I could go on for days but I will finish up with one more,

-Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco

Camille's List

-Stupid Bosses

-Girly girls, you know what I am talking about.

-The Flu, cause it just sucks.

-Mondays, have they done anyone any good?

-Diet Coke, Sorry Judy, Sorry Erin, but it must go.

-Acne in odd spots, like your back and your, I do not have butt-ne.


We want to hear some of yours. We will not "tag" anyone. Its a free country, do what you want.



Cottle said...

Ok, I will add a few.

#1 second hand smoke. People smoke "Everywhere" Ok so kill yourself, but don't put me and my kids in the middle of it.

#2 People who tell you how to raise your kids when they don't have any kids them self. It is difficult enough don't criticize. Dirty Looks included.

#3 People with B.O. Please do us all a favor and take a shower!

Amy Bateman said...

Oh how you two make me laugh. I tried to add to your list, but mine do not shine enough.

Anonymous said...

This is probably my #1 annoyance right now... Obama.... come on seriously they couldn't have picked a worse candidate. Democratics will believe anything, he's the most radical candidate and people are dumb enough to follow him. I am sorry but anyone who won't respect our country enough to place his hand over his heart for the national anthem does not belong in our white house.

Meagan said...

sweet pickles. who eats them anyway?

Allison Duncan said...

Here's my list:

1. People who don't respond to your emails even when you have specifically asked them to

2. Rich people who think they are better than other people because they have more money

3. People who don't TRY to control their children in public

4. Students who do nothing all year long and then wonder why they are failing at the end of the year.

5. Students who do NOTHING all year long and then come at the end of the year and want to make everything up.

I could go on too, but I picked the top 5 on my mind right now.

The Ralls said...

Here is my thing that must go...

Sticker families on the back of SUV's.... UGH. that bugs.

Genna said...

Kelly, I fear that the next time we meet we are going to have to have a heated conversation about politics and reality TV! And Camille, what is so bad about Diet Coke....Do you guys have any love out there for me????