Thursday, August 26, 2010

Man Where does the time go?!

It's totally been five year since Kelly and I got hitched. That is really crazy to think that I would ever get to that point in my life to have been married five years. Most Hollywood marriages don't last that long.
Last week Kelly had flowers waiting for me at work. They were gorgeous. I didn't take a picture, go figure. I took off early and we hit up a matine. Then spent a wonderful evening up Odgen canyon. We went to dinner in eden at this place called Harley and Bucks. It's a Texas grill type of joint. But good. Then stayed the night at the Alaskan Inn, in the Northern Lights room. They had this cool set up on the ceiling with led lights and a black light. We couldn't figure out how to turn off the black light, so I had dreams about techno and raves. Go figure. We saw newly weds leaving the next morning. I had to laugh because I remember the morning after the wedding day, among other things. I wanted to walk up to them and tell them they had a long road and they got married on the best date 8-20 ever. But that would be weird, so I resisted.
Maybe five years isn't that long compared to the big picture, but it's a start. If we can make it five, we can make it 50. Sometimes there are fights about certain purchases, sometimes there are days we just want to do our thing. It all comes down to the end of the night, the only person I want by me is Kelly. I appreciate the person he is and who he is becoming. He works hard to support us and further his education. I have to smile because just thinking about him makes me do just that.
Wub you!

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Mike and Lisa said...

Aw, Happy Anniversary!