Monday, March 3, 2008

My Abstract camera phase

You got it! I took pictures of my 35mm camera. This camera my brother gave me. He bought it in like ninety-eighty-something to take on his mission. So thats where my photography passion really took off. That was about three or four years ago. Kelly got us our digital camera that is my 35mm digital equivalant. I have to say it's one of the best things we ever bought. Harley has her picture taken almost everyday. I was bored and thought of some cool angles. Some news to announce, I am going to post my photography website. Where you come in, I need a cool name. I was going to do Blur Photography, but that was already taken. So if you can come up with a cool original name, I will give you a prize. Sorry no pictures of me, but seriously it will be something cool. Start thinking and just post it in the comments section.

Ok so I threw a picture of Harley in. She is so freakin cute.


Anonymous said...

Well I have given this some thought and I just don't have any creative juices flowing the only name I could think of for your photography would be Bootsie Photography!

Johny and Sarah said...

I actually thought the same thing as Lori....Bootsie...what's more creative then that?! But you could always use some sort of terminology they use in photography like "Fliter Photography" or something like that. I'm excited that you are going to do the photography thing....way to follow your heart!!

The Ralls said...

how about KCH photography... you know for kelly, camille, and of course harley... or something like Focus Photography?

Kalli & Andy said...

Hey Camille so crazy totally blast from the past, looks like you are doing well. It is so fun to keep in contact with people this way. I 'll be checking back frequently. you are so cute.
Kalli (Bevan) Reese