Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I decided I don't really have anything to post because we are about to close on our house and we are poor. We do cheap stuff with our friends but never bring a camera. And I am tired of looking at the same post for a month so I am doing one about Harley. She is our beloved Harley girl.
We have had her for two years. We got her as our first anniversary gift to each other. The day we got her we weren't even planning on getting a dog.
I have always wanted a boston terrier since the one Zyrtec commercial with "Baxter". Kelly found an ad in the paper for boston puppies. She was a pretty good deal for being pure bred. I knew if we went to go look at her we would end up getting her and sure enough we did. I wanted to name her Bell, but Kelly said he couldn't yell that name across the park and feel manly about it. The next day or two we went through a myriad of names but nothing fit. Since we both liked Harley Davidsons I just said "why not Harley?" and it stuck. Yes, Kelly can still feel manly reprimanding her.
We decided our dog has to be cool so we taught her some tricks. She can stand up and dance in a circle. Balance a treat on her nose while she balances on her haunches. She can shake, roll-over, beg and walk. She will go running with me since I have slowed down quite a bit. Harley has to sleep in between us at night. Kelly bought her a bed, but it was really a cat bed and is a little too small for her. (don't worry she still tries to curl up in it.)She loves to play and she is so smart. Whenever she doesn't understand what you are saying she cocks her head to the side and perks her ears up. I know I sound like I am gloating over a child, but Harley pretty much is our child. I even have nic names for her: Har, quin, Harlequin, quinny, missy moo, fart bag (she has really stinky farts), bat dog, etc...So here are some pics of Harley.

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Amy said...

Camille- Is this the blog we were talking about at Natalie's shower? I found it again today and I wasn't expecting to be able to pull it up. I was so happy to see this slideshow of Harley! She is the cutest puppy ever!!!
-Amy G.